Sunday, May 11, 2014

ArcheAge Graphics Quality Settings

While watching a fair amount of ArcheAge streams across Twitch (including one of my fave channels, WeAreTheRomantics), I've been seeing one of the most asked questions viewers have is about how well will ArcheAge run on low-end computers. I have configured ArcheAge to run very nicely on my low-end computer, and am sharing the settings I've found that work best to hopefully answer that question for my fellow gamers.

First, my computer specs:

Cyberpower GXi250

Processor: Intel Sandy Bridge Core i3 2100 3.10 GHz; Memory: 8GB DDR3 SDRAM

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GT520 1GB (HDMI)

Most notable here is that I only have an i3 chip, and a decent but older graphics card.
ArcheAge Graphics Quality Settings

Screen Resolution = 1600x900
Multithread Rendering = Enabled
Directx 11

Environment Quality = High
Character Quality = High
View Distance = Very Far
Terrain Detail Distance = Very Far
Terrain Detail = Very Far
Object Distance = Very Far
Grass Distance = Very Far
Character Detail = Far
Display Shadows = Enabled
Shadow Distance = Low
Characters = Low
BG = Low
Shader Detail = Low
Atmosphere Effects = Enabled
Cloud Effects = Enabled
Effects Quality = High
Water Quality = Normal
HDR Effects = Enabled
Depth of Focus = Enabled
Anti-Aliasing = PostAA 1x

I worked through the ArcheAge graphics settings for about two hours, testing out I think every combination of on/off, low/medium/high available, and finally hit on a very comfortable balance of quality graphics and smooth framerate for my computer. If you also have a less-than-stellar computer, try these settings as a baseline for yours, then adjust as necessary.

For an actual visual evidence of my settings and the effect on my gameplay, look to the ArcheAge playlist on my YouTube channel. Videos #1 - #4 were made with older settings (predominantly in Directx 9); video #5 and onward were recorded with the above settings in play.

*NOTE: ArcheAge is currently in the ALPHA phase of development as of this post. Everything in game is subject to change at any moment, including the effects of these settings. 

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